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Here at Citizen we pride ourselves on the knowledge we hold in the food industry and the way the treat every job with a personal and endearing approach. Client and candidate response is vitally important in our roles speeding up the process for both parties. One thing that we pride ourselves on here at Citizen is communication and improving on response times daily. If you have a query that you need answering get on the phone to us and we’ll respond ASAP.

Within our recruitment sector food, beverage and FMCG we understand that communication has to be fast with people working day/night shifts, it can be extremely difficult to contact employers and prospective candidates on a day to day basis. Ways to get a better more in-depth conversation with the person you are trying to contact:

1. Write an itinerary down, with what you need to ask the individual
2. Ask the most important questions you need to at the beginning in case said individual needs to go quickly
3. Schedule then and there when is best to call them back
4. Get availability for them when you have them on the phone (don’t let them go until you have that or you could possibly not speak to them again for the rest of the week!)
5. Be ballsy ask the question you think an employer will want to ask them!
6. Get a good understanding with the individual you’re speaking to, so THEY WANT to speak to YOU again!
7. Always be polite and understanding with candidates or the chances of them going elsewhere increases significantly
8. Always look to build a relationship with the person on the other end of the phone, possibly the most important thing you could do when communicating to clients or candidates

These simple statements can you save you time, money and effort when contacting people for any given role you are looking to fill. Take the steps before the call to get the results you want after it.

Being specialist food industry recruiters we here at Citizen pride ourselves on excellent communication and client/candidate contact. We prove day in day out to be an excellent partner in any food, beverage and FMCG related recruitment strategy, as we endeavour to help our clients into the future.

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