When is the Right Time to Change Your LinkedIn Profile

When is the Right Time to Change Your LinkedIn Profile

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As we all are well aware that LinkedIn is one of the best places on web to market and publish your capabilities and engage with professionals from all around the world. Recruiters nowadays consider LinkedIn a reliable source for finding potential candidates and browse through a swarm of profiles to short list the best and most fitting ones for the openings in their organisations.

Properly maintaining your profile on LinkedIn greatly influences the probability of being hired or contacted by a recruiter for a short on-call interview. Posting all your qualifications and experiences are the key points of attraction of your profile. Employers mostly look for people who are currently available and have significant experience in the relative field.

If you are a senior employee and just become available for your next job, you might be wondering when and how to change your profile to show you are available. There are several thoughts of experts and professionals regarding this matter, among which the common ones are:

·         One simple way is to expand your connections and follow the prospective employers. Then, change the status and description of your profile so that a notification is sent to all the newly made connections. This enables them to acknowledge that you are now available and increases the chances of the prospective employers of viewing your profile.

·         Another way is to bite the bullet and update your profile right away. Then connect with prospective employers through different groups, so that everyone knows about your availability. Start posting informative stuff on your profile so that it catches more attention.

·         As for when to change your status to available, the most appropriate time to change is when it becomes certain you are finishing from your current job. By the time you have completed your notice period / garden leave , people would have already know that you are available and you might get new job offers during that time.

·         Update your profile with the responsibilities of the last job and don’t forget to highlight the achievements and total experience. If you have stayed unemployed for some time, demonstrate on your profile how you are utilising your ‘off’ time. Recruiters are especially interested in people who spent their free time productively.

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