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What types of psychometric tests are there?

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I Have an up coming interview and I was emailed a few bits of infomation before hand and a psychomeric test was included.

Should I be worried, I have not done one of these before.





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Firstly there is nothing to worry about. You cant do anything wrong its just you and a form to fill in normally in a tick box fashion.
There are two types Personality and aptitude which normally take 20-30 minutes.Personality – These explore you as a person and try to give the hiring manager an idea about your characteristics and style when in a working environment. They put you in different situations to try and see how you react, to show your emotions and what really motivates you. There is no right or wrong answer.Aptitude – These test how your brain works, how you think and operate under different situations. Traditionally they use some methods to try and trip you up i.e. giving you too many questions to answer in the time you have been given or you may notice the level of questions getting harder as the page goes on. Above do not worry about finishing the test, worry about answering the questions to the best of your ability.

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