What is Facebook and how can it help me get a job

What is Facebook

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Facebook is currently the world’s largest social network with over 400 million active users spending over 500 billion minutes each month according to the platform’s latest statistics*. So what is it all about?
Facebook allows users to communicate directly, share information, pictures and video content, engage in interactive games and use a host of interactive applications. In order to talk to one another users must first become ‘friends’ on the platform. This needs to be confirmed by both parties through a simple online ‘friendship invitation’ by one user and ‘confirmation of friendship’ by the other.
The average Facebook user shares up to 70 pieces of content with their network of friends each month and spends a considerable amount of time on the platform each month *Statistics taken from http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics as of 23.06.2010

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