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What I Notice About CV’s

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Reading a CV is essential for us at Citizen when searching for the perfect candidate. Here are a few things we look out for when it comes to a CV.

Gap Years– It’s becoming common that people are taking gap years but a gap in a CV is going to ring some alarm bells but that doesn’t have to be the case.
There are many reasons people may have a gap in their CV – perhaps it’s a returning mum who is now ready to focus on her career – as employers, we cannot discriminate so we don’t write candidates off straight away. Explaining a gap in your CV can be a difficult because many people are worried it has left a bad first impression. I speak to a lot of candidates who haven’t prepared for the question and it’s really obvious. Your interviewer will be wanting you to tell the truth so you have to be natural – don’t blag it! Whatever the answer is, be open, be honest and make sure you can put a positive spin on it so it doesn’t make you look irresponsible.

Job Hoppers – When you’re starting out in your career, you should be gaining as much experience as possible. However, if you go from competitor to competitor and spend a little time in a job, I personally will start to question how loyal you will be to my client and if you are worth my clients time.

Personality – I put candidates forward for their overall character, not just their qualifications. Illustrating these skills is vital to me because I want to find someone who I’m confident will fit in with the client I’m recruiting for. Every employer needs to be able to recognise soft skills in a CV and every potential employee needs to illustrate them effectively. So if you’ve been part of a club for a few years, tell me. That’ll prove you’re a team player. If you’re good at timekeeping, tell me. I’ll be glad to know you’re efficient.

Finally, and I think I speak for all employers when I say this, make sure your personality shines through! Reading a CV should leave me wanting to meet you, it shouldn’t bore me. Forget the ordinary jargon; I want to know what you can bring to the table which nobody else can. Show me how you want the job more than anybody else.
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