What I look for When Recruiting a Grad?

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With the world moving at such a fast pace, the education sector has started to thrive. This has meant that there are more education institutes producing a large amount of graduate students looking for a job than ever before. With such a large number of graduates on the market, employers like me have a hard time making the right choices relate to recruitment. The filtering of the competition is usually done on evidences of the skill and work experience. These are the two vital aspects that make the best of the lot stand out from the rest.

Each and every business has their own way of recruiting and tend to look for different sets of skills and necessary qualities in the grad. The skills and the qualities tend to depend on the field of work and the respective qualities of the business. In my industry, I know what is required to be successful, and here is a list of the things that I look for in a grad when recruiting them for the job:


Skills can be learned, and degrees can be acquired, but one thing that can’t be taught to someone is enthusiasm. Enjoyment of work and greater productivity stem from enthusiasm. The most motivated of workers in the world are ones that are highly enthusiastic about their field of work. I know that for a grad to be in my list of recruits, they need to have unmatched enthusiasm levels that make them standout from the crowd.

The Inherent ‘Want’

This is another quality that is closely connected to enthusiasm. People who want something done take measures to get it done. This is an important quality even when recruiting grads. People who want the job tend to know the importance of the task at hand and are more than likely to give their 100% levels in terms of commitment and dedication. If you give a job to someone who is basically doing nothing to get it, there is likely to be complacency and a lack of productivity.

The Appropriate Degree

I encounter tons of cases when recruiting grads where people who had a degree in mechanics, geography or sports science and yet wanted to be hired in the sales or recruitment role. This still baffles me. I believe that the reason for you to do a degree is so that you can go on and use that degree to excel in your career. When I am looking for a recruit I look for a clear vision and sense of direction. A clear vision and a sense of direction can judge by the degree that a person pursues and the field that he chooses to work in. The best workers are those that utilise their degrees in their fields of work.


I often ask my recruits if they love to travel. If they say yes, I tell them to go do it and then comeback when that desire is out of their system. This is important for me. Lacklustre performances are a result of a lack of focus, so it is important for the recruits to know their goals and to be focused on achieving them.

The Working History of the Parents

The greatest influence on a child is of their parents. Right from the moment a person is born to the last breath he/she takes, the parents are the greatest source of inspiration, guidance, and help. Children often tend to look up to their parents and absorb the qualities that they see in them. If the parents of a to-be recruit are hard working individuals and high achievers in their particular jobs, it is likely to rub off on their kids.

Recruiting grads is like plucking oranges off a tree. There is no guarantee if they’ll be nice and juicy or if they’ll be riddled with worms. However, better decisions can be made if you have a few specific qualities in mind and have an experienced eye.

Tom Brunt

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