What goes into a cover letter?

What goes into a cover letter?

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There are several factors to take into account when putting a cover letter together

  1. Content
  2. How its presented
  3. How its laid out

Try to target each cover letter to each specific application you make, I know its easy to use the same one but take 5 minutes to tailor your cover letter to each position. It is important that you include certain bits of information. Essentially Job title you are applying for The company reference number Your contact numbers.

Keep it simple don’t use obvious phrases and try not to start each sentence with MY or I. Try to focus on the job in hand, tailor your application and the letter to the job in hand. If you are applying for a specific job read the advert or specification in detail and pick out the keywords and use them to your advantage by using similar words that the client or hiring manager would look out for.

For example, if the advert says “We are looking to recruit a candidate from a Food Manufacturing company” – MAKE SURE you have Food Manufacturing in your Cover Letter – this is essential.

Don’t forget that research is key, do some background information on the company mention in the letter that you are impressed with a recent new product launch or by the size of the company.

When setting your letter think about the following questions

  • Why you are applying? Which job are you applying for?
  • Why you are interested in the job?
  • Why are you interested in the job?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What should you be called in for an interview?
  • Why would the reader go through your CV?
  • What are your achievements – pick one or two that the company will be interested in
  • Why should the company be interested in you?
  • What makes you different from the rest of the applications? It’s essential that you emphasis your skills and ability to do the job you are applying for.

Try not to drag it out too much don’t make the reader bored, try to get a friend or trusted college (ideally a hiring manager) to read through it. Also type the letter and do not forget to spell check.

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