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Twitter a Recruiter’s Secret Weapon

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Over the years, the process of recruitment has evolved. To make sure that their industries and companies continue to attract the best talent, there needs to be a change in approach of recruitment. LinkedIn for example is one of the more obvious choices used by recruiters. The reach of the social networking platform is unrivaled. Yet, this blog will look closely at another social media site, Twitter, and its role and usefulness as a recruitment tool.

Making Your Brand’s Presence Felt

One of the things that sets your company apart from the average one and gives you the recruiting advantage is the presence of your brand. Twitter allows you to build an engaging network. The more you make your brand popular and visible on Twitter, the greater will be the chances of its reputation enhancing and new recruits wanting to be a part of it.

Pooling Candidates

Twitter is an interactive social media site that allows you to engage and interact with anyone you want. Hence, it is a platform tailor made for recruiters and organizations looking for employees to identify, engage, and interact with the prospective employees even before they have applied for the job. The use of hash tags can be made to filter out the recruitment attempts to the people you are looking for.

For example, if you are looking for a maintenance manager in the food industry, you can check out the hash tags #foodjobs, # maintenancemanager, etc. to identify  candidates.

Getting Started

When you are looking to use a platform like Twitter for recruitment activities, it is best that you follow some of the steps outlined below when getting your activities started.

Know Your Purpose of Use

The only way you can truly use the platform with success is to know why you are creating the account. Only when you are aware that the reason for your creation of this account is to recruit, will you be able to position your employment brand on the platform and engage potential passive or active job seekers.

Be Sure To Know How Twitter Works

The only way you can make the most of something is by knowing how to use it in the first place. Same is the case with Twitter, the best way for you to make the most of Twitter is to known how it works. If you are unaware of the functioning of the website, it is unlikely that your efforts can bear fruit. Put time to one side spend 30 minutes a day having a play with it. Engague with possible clients and candidates and you will be hooked before you know it.

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