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Top Engineer Misspellings in Job Titles at LinkedIn

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In this blog, you’ll be exposed to the top 3 misspelled Engineering job titles on LinkedIn. Before you do that though, there are a few important notes that you need to understand. These are:

A Note To People Who Are Seeking A Job

If you are someone looking for a job, there are some things that are a big no-no for your job application. One of them is having a misspelled spelling appearing on your CV. First of all, it looks extremely unprofessional and highlights disinterest of the candidate towards details. If your resume has a misspelling, you can rest assured you might be lucky enough to even have a mention in the interview for job shortlist. While this might be clear enough, did you have any idea how damaging your spelling mistakes on LinkedIn can be to you?

A spelling mistake on your LinkedIn profile can be twice as damaging as the above error not only to your hiring ability but also to your credibility. The professional LinkedIn headline is an important area for you. The one right besides your headshot will appear with all your LinkedIn contributions. If you make a spelling mistake on your job titles, it will not only haunt you after every contribution, it will also exclude you from the prospective employee searches, since these are usually carried out by employees using job title key words.

A Note To People Recruiting

When you get on with your recruitment by searching LinkedIn for job titles, take into account the large number of people who have misspelled their job titles and are excluded from the search. An engineer for example who has not spelled his or her name correctly may be overlooked for the recruitment despite having all the qualities you are looking for.

The best way to recruit for job positions is to not only include the correct job titles in the search but also include a few common misspellings. This will allow you to get a larger pool of suitable candidates for the job.

Top Misspellings in Job Titles


There are a considerable amount of misspellings to be found on the profiles of professional engineers here are the top 3. The common misspells include:

·         “Enginer” around 19, 114 times used
·         “Enginner” around 33, 104 times used
·         “Engneer” around 8, 457 times used.

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