Do You Think Your Job Should Be Pre Planned?


As humans, we are all born with some general abilities that distinguish our species; and then there are gifted abilities that help us superior members of the race. Almost everyone is born with a talent or gift, but only few are able to utilise it properly. Lesser are those who actually make a career out of it. While pursuing your passion as a professional sound like the best idea, it is not something that is much encouraged.

Unfortunately, things are not as easy as they sound. Our career choices are usually dictated by many things but choice. There aren’t many people who actually plan their career. Those who do, don’t usually plan to follow their passion. They rather just go for more lucrative options with higher salary scale. That is the reason career contentment has now become a grave rarity.

So, if pursuing your passion is good for you, why do people usually advice against it?

That is because being a professional is different from being passionate about something. They key to having a career you can be satisfied of, you must train yourself to polish your talent. From music to cooking, you can turn almost any passion into profession, and even earn more than you can imagine. All you need to do is to excel at what you do through proper training and relevant qualification.

Secondly, pre planning your career actually helps you find the right path and help. it allows you to work with recruiters who actually serve the specific niche you are interested in. Such recruitment firms offer more relevant opportunities, and of course, more opportunities than you can get from a regular recruitment consultancy.

Finally, your passion can play a pivotal role in impressing the employers. Rather than choosing a person who would like to join any industry, employers prefer those who are specifically interested in their industry and the position they are offering. It shows your willingness to not just take the job, but also to learn and grow in the long-term.

By Tom Brunt

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