Three Things Food Industry Recruiters Will Hate You For

Three Things Food Industry Recruiters Will Hate You For

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Being a recruiter withing food manufacturing sounds like a wonderful job as everyone you meet is actually trying to impress you. However, food recruiters also have to bear huge annoyances. We are not just talking about sending the resume in a shoe with a note ‘looking for a foot in the door’ or any other gimmick. These stunts can actually make the recruiter know how unprofessional and non-serious you are. It is understandable that you want to be get noticed, but in no way does that ensure a positive attention. In fact, instead of standing out, you will stand out as a idiot.

However, what is worst that these annoying gimmicks is behavior that can actually make the recruiters seriously hate you. Let’s take a look.

Not Showing Up

One extremely hateful thing candidates often do is not showing up for an interview that has been scheduled for them. Whether your feet got cold, or you realize you don’t need that job, not showing up is not justifiable action at all. Recruitment agents call it the biggest faux pas in the industry. So, whatever realization dawns upon you, at least show up on schedule.

Lying to the Recruiters

Not showing up does not put an end to the story. It is often backed by excuses that can easily be caught as lies. That is what can turn the hate into loathe. Neither a vet’s appointment nor a burst tire makes an excuse strong enough to justify your behavior. It is, in fact, better to be honest. If you don’t want the job, just tell your recruiters before they schedule an interview for you.

Being Dishonest to Yourself

It is not just the recruiters who have to face the lies. Candidates often lie to themselves. That is when you keep telling yourself that you are ready to take the interview or job, but actually, you are not. It is not mandatory to go and grab any opportunity only to drop it halfway.
Speaking of consequences and the reason these things are three of the most hateful ones from recruiter’s point of view is because they affect other people as well.You could, by doing this, rule out another candidates application and take an interview slot from someone who really needs the job.

By Tom Brunt

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