The Problems of Being a Recruiter

The Problems of Being a Recruiter

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A career in recruitment has strong comparisons to a rollercoaster ride. It will have lots of ups and downs, lots of highs and lows along the way but ultimately it can be hugely rewarding. The potential to earn a very healthy sum of money is ever-present within this industry; however you have to be cut out to do it.
The problem with being a recruiter is that the decisions/actions of other people (be it candidates or clients) can determine and in most cases limit how successful you can be. Consultants in every sector are let down by candidates or clients every day. We hear all sorts of excuses, some of which are ridiculous

If you ask me as a recruiter about the excuses I have been told I could replay every scenario and situation that my client/candidate was in at the time and in the end just end up laughing in disbelief…. because that’s all you can do as a recruiter in that situation. When it gets to the point where you realise that you are going to get no reward from weeks of searching organising, arranging and executing your job perfectly your only option is to laugh it off because that’s the only option you have. As frustrating as it may sound this is part and parcel of the job, it comes with the territory.
As a food industry recruiter I take pride in my job, I care about both candidates and clients alike and my ultimate goal is to ensure my service goes above and beyond the expectations of the individuals involved. The problem is that other people I am dealing with don’t have the same mindset and enthusiasm as me, which in truth is such a shame
Adam Rutherford
Citizen Recruitment

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