How To Get Blacklisted By A Recruiter

The Most Unpleasant things that Candidates Say to Recruiters

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Recruiters generally enjoy their work, especially having the opportunity to speak to many different kinds of people all the time. They feel great helping people get their dream job with their clients. It is always interesting to get to know how different applicants steered through their careers up to that moment and it is very exciting for them to represent the best performers.  Though, some of the conversations they have with candidates are purely painful.

Recruiting is just like any other job, with its own drawbacks. These often manifest in the form of acrimonious candidates giving recruiters a bad attitude without any reason. It is very off-putting to come across a great CV only to have the candidates say the following things to you:

  1. “Just put me forward, no matter what – all I want is to move”

This is the last thing a recruiter wants to hear a candidate say.  Desperation is not a good look for interviewees – it is ugly.  It is crucial for their case for being the most eligible candidate for the role to be convincing, and recruiters do not want to represent them for a position that they really don’t care about.

Also, what happens if the role we put you into is just the same? Have a clear and defined idea of what you want in your next role! Recruiters want to place you in a role that you will love and be happy in – not just a stop gap.

  1. “I am not willing to discuss my pay package information with you”

Although salary discussions are never fun, salary MUST be addressed. This is because part of being a competent recruiter means that he/she is capable of matching the client’s budget to their candidate’s worth.  While it is true that it is not a must for candidates to reveal everything to recruiters on the phone the first time they talk, on the other hand, if they are going to represent them, then the candidates need to be open with them.

Always think about being open and honest – this goes for the recruiters too!

  1. “I don’t give a damn even if I am not being realistic”

It is best to work with a candidate who is self-confident and understands what he/she wants out of their career. However, one thing that is not ideal is when he/she is completely unrealistic when it comes to either the level or salary they are aspiring for.  Being irrationally conceited or confident and not willing to surrender odd expectations is not actually worth the trouble handling such.

  1. “A friend of mine moved and got X pay package”

The moment an interviewee turns around and supports their shocking demands with a story heard from a friend (albeit poorly referenced), that is the time a recruiter needs another cup of coffee – straightaway! Everyone is different as are most job roles, because your friend is on 4k more than you does not make you worth more money.

  1. “If you fail to put me forward, I will apply directly to the competition”

Actually, it is up to the recruiters’ know-how to determine the strongest shortlist of candidates as candidates cannot do that themselves. As a matter of fact, there is nothing more disconcerting than an applicant threatening to send an application directly to the organisation.

  1. “I had no time to prepare”

It is extremely painful to represent an applicant who, after interviewing with your client, says that they did not have time to look at the preparation material you sent them.

The simple fact is – if you want the job you will do what ever it takes to get it. Preparation is key to interviews

  1. “How come you are asking me tons of questions?”

Recruiters need to understand their candidates’ position very well and be capable of making educated judgements when it comes to the kinds of roles that might match them with their clients. As such, applicants who become defensive at the numerous questions posed to them simply reveal they have perhaps got much to hide.

When I phone interview a candidate for the first time I’m trying to build a picture about your wants and needs to ensure that the roles I put to you are jobs you will want to go to interview for. if for example I am a Food Recruiter there will be specific industry questions that I will ask. This is part of the job and some FMCG companies clients ask us to do this on there behalf a lot of the time.

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