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The Importance of your C.V and its contents

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The Importance of your C.V and its contents

As with everything in life first impressions are everything, like it or not we live in a very judgmental world.  Personal appearance has never been more important as it is in this day and age and the same applies with C.Vs.

For many candidates their C.V is the first and only impression an agency/potential employer has of them. Most of the time that impression lasts for no longer than a minute which makes it highly important that your C.V showcases you in the best possible way.

The layout/content of a C.V should be easy to read and easy to understand, don’t make the person reading the C.V work hard to read it! It should clearly state companies worked for, years and dates worked there and role/roles undertaken there in bold with an in depth description of the role you did underneath. Spacing also plays a big factor in the impression of a C.V. No one wants to read text all bunched up together, space it out make it look neat and organized, if they see a C.V organized then it gives the impression the owner of the C.V is as well.

It may not sound like much but believe me when I say it could be the difference between being a successful applicant or not.

As the old saying goes it’s the little things….


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