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The Importance of relationship Building with clients

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The Importance of relationship Building with clients

It is hugely important that in everything you do when working for clients you aim to try and build some sort of bond or relationship with them. Working relationships with clients can vary depending on a variety of factors. If for example as a recruiter you have placed candidates with a particular company for a number of years, then you’re working relationship with that company is more likely to be a good one. On the other hand a new client you’ve only up until recently started to work with the relationship between you will almost be non – existent.

A good relationship with clients encourage not only a good reputation for your company within the industry but also promotes loyalty and guaranteed future business with the client. These facts make it imperative that as a recruitment agency you focus on building relationships with your clients. The world of recruitment is a very competitive one and is only getting harder due to the vast amount of companies opting for PSLs (preferred supplier list). This is where your relationship with your clients becomes highly important. If you have a solid relationship with a number of your clients and they all move onto PSLs there is a high possibility that you will be included on their preferred supplier list. However if you don’t have a great relationship with your clients you could end up being left in the dark.

A good way to build relationships with clients is to arrange meetings with them and go and visit their factory. This will not only allow yourselves and them to put a face to a name but it will also add an extra dimension to your relationship with them. Another thing to do is to try and pick out personal things about your clients when talking to them and if you manage to hear something make a note of it. It’s amazing how much of a difference an email can make when asking them how their son got on at sports day or how their holiday was.

If you put a little bit of effort in to try and make your relationships with clients a bit more than just cut – throat business conversations and emails I promise you that you will notice a difference in not only how your business is recognised but also how many returning clients you will get.

Adam Rutherford
Citizen Recruitment

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