The History behind Social Selling Index and How It Was Created

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The excitement around social media selling had hit fever pitch. And there are good reasons for this. According to experts, people who use social selling attain 66% higher quotas than those that still apply traditional marketing methods.  Some firms have reportedly boosted their sales significantly, thanks to social selling.  Historically, quantifying a salesperson’s social selling ability has been difficult. LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI) is a tool that tries to measure social marketing skill. This tool is a first-of-its kind.

The SSI was created following a survey conducted by LinkedIn intended to pinpoint how top performing sales reps use this social platform in driving effective results. The formula behind the Social Selling Index is centered on the social marketing activities that these sales professionals depend on. This successfully facilitates the connection of dots between the efforts they make and their individual sales success.

Currently, many of LinkedIn customers are using the Social Selling Index for measuring their implementation of social marketing behavior on LinkedIn’s platform. By making the most of SSI, you will stand a better chance of connecting with the right prospects.

Ways of Improving Your SSI Score

  1. Create your professional brand: Ensure that you have your customers in mind when completing your profile. Publish valuable posts to help you become a thought leader.
  2. Locate the right people: Detect better prospects in a shorter time by using both efficient search and research tools.
  3. Ensure that you engage with Insights: Find updates that are conversation-worthy and share them. These will help to create and also develop relationships.
  4. Establish relationships: To strengthen your network, connect and build trust with top decision makers.

The LinkedIn Social Selling Index can help you to achieve all these. By checking the dashboard, you will keep track on how you measure up against the competition.

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