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The Final Words of Your Interview

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When you receive a call from a company, asking you to come for an interview, you can be nervous and excited.. TIME TO PREP UP FOR THE INTERVIEW. You surf the internet, gather information about the company, and then wait until the interview day arrives. You know what you want to ask for yourself and you know that you will be answering all the interviewer’s questions. Do you think that’s enough? Do you think this would make you any different from hundreds of other applicants?

When we are being called for an interview at a Food manufacturing company, we often ruin the opportunity by doing little to no preparation. Many interviewers want to dig deep into an interviewees mind. So they ask interviewees if they want to ask anything about the company. What most candidates do is say ‘No, I don’t have anything to ask’, which is the worst reply one could ever give. First of all, interviewees need to know that this opportunity is not given to everyone. If he/she has been called for an interview, it is a big deal. Just going through the company’s website and learning things from it will not get you cleared for the job.

So, when an interviewer wants to hear something from you, don’t let him/her down. Give the interviewer questions to answer. Ask about the company’s culture, its strategies, how it was formed, the technicalities of your job, the challenges that the company faces, etc. When as an interviewee you will ask these questions, the interviewer will be impressed! This will show that you are interested in getting a job in the company. It will have a positive impact on the interviewers. And most importantly, you will have a chance at securing the job.

Another important thing that many interviewees need to remember is that interviewers are evaluating them on a list of things. How well you communicate, how do you handle stress, and much more and that’s why an interviewee must always be present minded and confident in answering all the questions instead of hesitating. The language used by interviewees should be relevant to the position they have applied for. If you are applying for an engineering position in a food manufacturing company, you should speak in a language that tells the interviewer that you are involved in your work.

So, the next time you receive a call for an interview, make sure you ask questions. At Citizen Recruitment, we make sure the candidates are well prepared and ensure you ask questions that will impress the interviewer to make a good impression.

Tom Brunt

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