The Best Way To Contact Recruiters During Job Searches.

The Best Way To Contact Recruiters During Job Searches.

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Contacting a recruiter is not the same as talking to a friend at the pub. Although many are easy to get along with and have a laugh with they are still making sure you are the right candidate to put forward to their client as a potential employee. So make sure you get your personality across when talking on the phone but always make sure to remain professional. Introducing Yourself to a Recruiter Who Is a Complete Stranger Most recruiters are hot on email. It allows them to contact you back at their convenience. However you must be mindful again that these people are professionals so when drafting the email keep in mind that it should have similar content as a short cover letter. It should be brief and to the point. The first sentence of an email can be hard to come up with and get right. To get round this don’t over complicate yourself, keep it simple and introduce yourself. On the other hand it is bad form to write a generic email as they may look lazy unless done in the correct way. The email should most definitely include your skills as that is what they are looking at in relation to the criteria of the client. However, you must make sure not to sound overly big headed. Most importantly, when you feel you have the perfect introductory email you must make sure you get someone to proofread it multiple times to ensure that any grammatical errors are picked up and that most of all it makes sense. Finally attach the most recent copy of your CV with the email. This allows the recruitment company to look at your CV immediately and consider you straight away for possible positions that they are working on. With regard to a follow up phone call do not call immediately. Although you may be keen to find the right position this is too keen! Instead wait a week, and if there is still no response then follow it up with a phone call. Expressing Interest in a Position or Company Appropriately: If you are looking for a specific role then don’t sit back and expect someone else to come to you. Be proactive and go direct to the likes of recruitment agencies and in some situations go to the company directly. When planning the ideal job make sure you take your time in researching the company: What do they actually do? What can they offer me? Is this in the right industry? Make it look like the person your contacting that you’re interested and have researched the company. As well as this, it stands you in good stead when talking with recruiters as they can see that you are keen for the role and thus they are more likely to spend their time on you and you CV and interview needs etc. Social media has become a big part of everyone’s lives globally so networking is an amazing opportunity right at your fingertips! So follow the companies on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter this allows them to see that you are passionate about the role and are going to be an active member of the team.



However you must be aware that if you use the likes of Facebook and Twitter that they can see your personal pages, so make sure that you delete or hide any info that may go against you on the interview day. Because all in all people DO check social media. Things to Avoid As with most possessions there are certain things that you shouldn’t do. When contacting recruiters if a bad impression is given from the outset they are more likely to just simply overlook you. As stated before there is the need to stay professional in the convocations either on email or over the phone. Indeed it is important to give them space and not pester them. It may be worth asking how they prefer to be contacted as you and they both know the chosen communication route and is easier to follow up. Don’t waste time either in your CV, cover letter or email on stating negative points or your weaknesses. Recruiters don’t want to know that they want to see your strengths, what you enjoy and what your experience is. Potential employers want competent and confinement employees so let that shine through in whatever you send, and don’t forget most recruiters will never meet you so this is your only chance to impress.

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