Preparing a CV that Speaks for Itself - Watch you words!

Preparing a CV that Speaks for Itself – Watch you words!

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Coming up with an impressive CV is an art, one that you can learn if you set your mind to it. But it becomes an even more impressive one when you have to manoeuvre it after being laid off from your previous job. Now that you need a new one, creating a CV that speaks of your expertise becomes more of a science because you need to understand the psyche of employers. Become very clear about one idea, simply stating that you are a consultant is like giving away the job opportunity with your own hands! Sounds strange? Let me give you a scenario so that you are able to picture what I mean and why CV is the one thing that will either win or lose you the job.

Imagine this; you had been working in your FMCG manufacutring company for the past 15-20 years and are suddenly laid off. Now you have to start at an interim position but your aim is to secure a permanent role. And this is where your CV comes into the picture. The way you write it will make all the difference. Simply mentioning that you are a consultant will give the impression that you only work as a part-time employee, or are someone who will be with the company for a short space of time. The idea is to assure the employers that you are dedicated to the position you are applying for and want to become a permanent employee. You are not only there to give guidance but to stick around, remaining loyal to the company.

Think about it, what is consultancy to you? What is your field or what have your responsibilities been? Are you looking for a job in Food Manufacturing? When it comes to me, I would not simply state that I am a consultant, but rather that I am a recruitment consultant. This assigns me a specific role and gives leverage to my title. But if my title only specified me as a consultant it would give the idea that I was only with the company for a while and would eventually move on to join another organisation. So make sure that your CV or cover letter clearly stats that you want the permanent role you are applying for. A few quick CV Tips

#1 Never make the mistake of drafting a CV and not revising it. You have to make sure that the CV is written perfectly, devoid of any mistakes of grammar, spelling and the information that you have provided. You can also ask someone you trust or recruiter to go through the CV for you

#2 You need to ensure that the dates are accurate. If there is any discrepancy, like if you did not work for a year and took a sabbatical, then you need to mention where you were and what you did during that time. Leaving odd gaps in time makes the hiring company suspicious. The one thing you don’t want is look shady or suspicious to future employees.

Therefore, make sure that your CV is clear and specific, detailing out your expertise and reliability.

Tom Brunt

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