Pre Interview Homework

Interviews stage, Job Search

If you have an interview lined up – Here is some important information that you should look into learning before you go in.
Do your research on the company you are going to be interviewed by

Read your CV and get to know it inside out

Read the job specification and again understand it thoroughly

Get plenty of sleep, try not to go into the interview tired and yawning.

Do you need to prepare for a test?

If your not sure on the location, do a dry run and find out where it is. Also ensuring you are not late.

Prepare any questions you have.

Print several copies of your CV off and give one to every attendee, also have one for you and another just in-case there is a surprise attendee.

Collect references and qualification certificates and keep them neat and tidy.

Invest in a bag or folder you can use, first impressions count.

Decide what to wear well before hand and dont wear that 80’s kipper tie. Its not a good idea.

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