Our Interview Experience – what not to do!

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We have a number of years of interviewing experience and we have pooled together to put a list of fatal no’s and what not to do’s so you can lean from other peoples mistakes. In fairness the vast majority come prepared. But others… well see for yourself…

What ever you do, try not to make appointments or arrangements for after the interview. Give yourself plenty of breathing time just incase you are asked to do a tour of the office or even to take a test. You might even get a chance to meet someone else who you might have met at the 2nd interview stage. If you say you have to go or you don’t have time, I would expect a call back as it shows you are not really bothered.

Invest in some gum or mints as interviewing someone with bad breath is not a nice experience, and obviously will not go down well….

Don’t be over 30 minutes early for an interview, you are putting pressure on the interviewer to leave what they are doing early. This will put a negative slant on the interview. Try to sign in with reception or gate house around 10 minutes before the interview or meeting is due to start.

During the interview don’t touch yourself.. Keep your hands away from your face and don’t touch your hair either. If you do have to hold something make it a pen but do not fidget. There is nothing more distracting.

If you are attending an interview and you are early and go to a coffee shop, don’t bring the cup with you. If you are worried about pre interview nerves and dry mouth, you should be offered a drink at the start. If not there is nothing wrong with asking for one.

Ensure you know exactly what you want out of the interview before you go in. You want to come across like a confident future employee not a lost puppy. Have a goal, know exactly what you want a go get it.

You will be asked about your thoughts on the business, please do not lay it on thick “its the best company ever” its just embarrassing. Try to do back ground information on the company and provide facts about products service and why you want to work for them.

Try not to ask “hat hours will I be working” this makes you sound like you are a regimented 9-5 person who doesn’t go that extra mile when you need too.

Come dressed for an interview, not a night out on a Friday. Always be professional not just in what you say but what you wear. FIRST IMPRESSIONS.

Be careful when asking about promotion possibility this makes me think that I will have to interview for this job again in 6 months time and that you are only using this job as a stepping stone.

If you are going to write a thank you note to us, do it straight away. One member of our team received one 2nd class in the post which arrived a week late. Write it as soon as you can and email it or if you do not have the interviews email address send it first class straight away. Also keep it to the point, a paragraph at most.

At the end of the interview, if asked “do you have any questions” always ask at least one.. don’t just say no and walk out ask something along these lines

What are your thoughts about me?
Am I the sort of person you are looking for?
Do you have any reservations?

These types of questions will give you the impression weather the interviewer has any doubt about you. If they do they would say it after these questions and you will be able to give them the answers to hopefully secure you that 2nd interview or offer.
If you have enjoyed the meeting never be afraid to tell them.

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