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Many people make the mistake of sending their CV without checking it thoroughly. If you are applying for different jobs at the same time, make sure you are customising your CV for every job. You cannot write ‘I’d like to work in a marketing firm’ when you are actually sending your CV to an food manufacturing company . This gives out a bad image and recruiters who examine your CV become quickly uninterested. That’s why customising your CV every time you apply somewhere is a must. Time consuming – yes! But a must!

What You Need to do before Applying
There are certain things that you need to consider before sending out your CV to different firms for job opportunities. Remember, you will only get an interview if you organise your CV following the steps given below.

1. Read Your CV
The first step to perfecting your CV is to read it carefully, word to word. A single CV does not always work for different jobs. That’s why you need to read your CV before sending it out for a job. This will help you pick out minor problems in it which you can correct before it’s too late.

2. Keep Your CV Polished
A CV that you made years ago will not work for you. That’s why you will need to keep it updated every time you accomplish something or change a job.

3. Make Changes
If you have found a great job opportunity at a beverage manufacturing company, make sure you go through your CV before sending it. Many times, recruiters are looking for enthusiastic people to work in their firm. If you have mentioned in your ‘Interests’ part that you would love to work at a marketing firm then the textile job might slip through your hands. Always give importance to the type of firm you are sending your CV at. This will not only give you an edge over others, but will also get you a job.
4. Be Careful
Your CV is a physical representation of yourself and it needs to be perfect. That’s why be very careful before applying anywhere. Your CV should not have minor errors and should always be updated and customized based on the position you are applying for. Also, make sure your CV doesn’t have grammatical errors, as it will create a bad first impression. Organising a CV is a must because it helps in attracting job hunters, which may give you a preference over others.

Tom Brunt

Food Recruitment Specialist

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