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A gentleman went into one of our clients yesterday and thought his interview went extremely well and was confident they would offer him the role without hesitation. He was called earlier this morning to be told that he didn’t possess the right experience in a manufacturing environment and some of his answers were wishy washy. Looking back over the interview the maintenance manager who was looking to recruit for the role commented on how nice his watch was, the candidate responded saying yes it is nice, it happens to cost £3000 that I bought after winning on the horses. The engineering manager himself had a very similar watch on his wrist and stated to the engineer you obviously don’t like getting your hands dirty wearing something like that.

This can be seen in two ways yes the employer was being picky, but simple signals  and objects can say a lot about a person. These items that you wear can do you more harm than good in these situations. This watch symbolised that yes the candidate did like the finer things in life but when being interviewing for an engineer’s role it stated to his possible employer than in an emergency would this be the man that would put his hands where no others would…to maybe save a life? Is this the person that would put his hands into the bowels of a machine to fix a breakdown? All these questions run through a managers mind when they employ individuals, always remember not only to say the right things but wear the right things…

Remember what you wear to an interview can be so important these little things like expensive watches can do you more harm than good!

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