Why You Need to Talk Openly With a Recruiter

Why You Need to Talk Openly With a Recruiter


Why You Need to Talk Openly With a Recruiter
Managers and professionals with extensive experience do not always pay much heed to the recruiters when try to contact them, but little do they know, this engagement is often critical for their career. About 75% people already employed are not active in pursuing or considering new jobs opportunities, while still there are 45% of people who say they are all ears to what recruiters have to offer, if they approach them
So the next time you receive an email or phone call to further talk about an offer, consider below mentioned benefits, before turning it down.

1. Knowledge about the Worth of Your Talent

Since recruiters have years of experience of a specific market, they have good idea about the competitive rates of average and top markets for the talent you have. You may not know, but your current salary may be far less than what your potential can earn you. But a recruiter will quickly assess your capabilities and let you know how much you worth.

2. Access to Lengthier Part of Advertised Roles
It is a common practice that employers don’t mention all the roles in their advertisement for the vacancies they need people to fill. By getting in touch with the recruiter like Citizen Recruitment, you will be able to get the complete insight of the job responsibilities included in it and perspective career growth.

3. Immediate Access to the Stakeholders
Over the years of service, recruiters develop strong relationships with key influencers and decision makers. They have the access to the internal politics of the organization and can inform you of many internal situations straight away to give you the opportunity to make an informed decision. This makes it easier to judge the possibility of career and personal growth within the organisation.

4. Expand Your Career Approach

Most people focus too much on a single, fixed career goal without even realising what other possibilities they can go for to progress even further than their ultimate goal. This is where a recruiter can help you, as they will enlighten you with those opportunities and recommend avenues for your career search to go down

5. Doing Good for Others
It is not necessary to pursue each and every opportunity recruiters put before you, but you may have friends and colleagues who want to avail those chances. Through a recruiter, you can help your immediate network and if things work out smoothly, it is most likely that they will try to do the same for you to return the favor.

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