What You Need To Know About Food Recruitment Consultant

What You Need To Know About Food Recruitment Consultant

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What You Need To Know About Food Recruitment Consultant

Food Manufacturing companies need employees who can do specific tasks to run their operations. Most of these employers have their own Human Resources or Talent Acquisition departments. These teams advertise or search for qualified candidates who will be able to fill the vacant positions that the hiring company has. However, there are also some companies that team up with Recruitment Companies like Citizen Recruitment who a professionals at finding candidates for the roles sometimes also called headhunters.


Recruitment Consultants work on a contingency or on a retainer basis. The contingency basis is the set up for most Food Recruiters. On a contingency basis, the hiring company, or the client, will only pay the recruitment agency if the latter will be able to fill the vacant positions with qualified individuals.. However, if they will not be able to fill the position they do not get paid for the work done. That means that they will not get paid for that month. Basically, their commissions will depend on whether they can achieve the task of finding the right candidate or not.

When it comes to how much the commission is, the standard is between 10% to 25% of the first years basic salary of the candidate. However, the percentage does not include the value of the benefits or commission the candidates receives

You might think that is easy money. It is actually not. Even if a recruiter finds a qualified candidate for the position, other recruiters may also present their own qualified candidates to the hiring company. The hiring company might hire another qualified candidate but not yours. In this case, you will not get paid and, to top it all off, you will have to tell the candidate that the company hired someone else.


Other recruitment agencies go with a retained basis. In this scenario, the company pays them to hire people to fill important job vacancies on a contractual basis. With regards to the amount of the commission, it is actually 30% of the first Years basic salary. However, the hiring company will not give it in lump sum. They will give a third of the amount during the search, a third after one month, and the last third is if the prospective employee fills the job. A Recruitment Company working on a retainer basis always performs exclusive searches. Only one firm works on a particular assignment that the client will assign to them.

As a job seeker or candidate, though, you have to expect that you are not the only qualified person handled by the recruiter. There will definitely be others who are as qualified as you. In this case, there is a proportionate chance, depending on how many other qualified individuals are in the mix, that you will get the job.

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