Are you a Manger? – Watch your spelling on LinkedIn as it could cost you!


A worrying stat is floating round on twitter and linked in and really shows host much attention people are paying when putting together a profile on LinkedIn. A LinkedIn profile is part of your online identity and as such every care and attention should be taken to make sure if reflects you in a positive light.
Online profiles are being increasing used by hiring managers to pre-vet any suitable candidate in a pre head hunting campaign and the most basic errors are catching the best of us out.
Due to LinkedIn’ popularity with recruiters and hiring firms they have built in a search engine that can really show you up hopefully in a positive light. Type in a few key words and you can tunnel down to a short list of candidates in a matter of time. With that in mind
According to a simple search there are 8,466 profiles who are or were Mangers in the UK. That’s Mangers not Managers.

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