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Make yourself available 24/7


Make yourself available 24/7

What are the basic steps of applying for a job? Creating a CV application and finding the perfect recruiters to hand it over to! But does that mean your job ends there and you don’t need to do anything more? Of course not. Bear in mind that this was only the beginning of what is about to come down the road to seeking your dream job. But before we get into that, let us first have a look at how you can write a resume that can inspire the recruiters as well as the employers. Below are some easy tips for you:
•  Keep the employers in mind. Whenever you are writing a CV make sure that you know your target employers. What is the field, industry, and position that you are applying for and what are the characteristics they will be looking for? Try to be as relevant as per their requirements.

•  Be specific and authoritative. A CV is meant to be precise and specific. You are not writing a story there for restrain from elaborating on topics that are of no value. Mention your education, experience, and credibility. The idea is to gain the favor of the employees without sounding like a narcissist.

•  Be clear with personal details: Give accurate information about yourself, like your contact information, age, relationship status, etc.
Once you have handed your resume to the recruiters, sitting back and waiting for the miracle to happen is not the right approach to take. You need to become more proactive yourself. As a recruiter at Citizen Recruitment, I have come across many people who do not actively take part in the process of their job search. I have even seen other family members, partners, friends, wives calling to follow up on a job application on behalf of the job seeker.
This is one of the worst things that you can do for yourself. Understand this – recruiters need to speak to the applicant not their acquaintances. We will need to interview you in detail so as to determine whether you are suitable for a particular position. The technical details along with your experiences of prior jobs can only be explained accurately by you. This is the reason why you need to be the one who makes all the calls and pursues the recruiters, as well as the employers. If you are a technical manager for a food manufacturing company or want a career in the food industry you and you alone know your skill set.

You have to make yourself available for contact at all times of day or night. Citizen Recruitment, operate within the food and beverage manufacturing industry. There are several roles within this sector that operate on a shift basis and we are more than able to take your calls day or night so you as the one seeking work should do the same Making yourself available 24/7 to your recruiters is a must when you are in need of a job and shows that you are keen.
Tom Brunt

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