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Post a photo! Don’t worry people wont think yourself centred, millions of people worldwide have photos of themselves especially on the likes of Facebook. Ensure that your LinkedIn photo is a professional looking one. We are not saying go out and get a photo shoot organised just make sure you wear your normal work attire in the picture. Keep it professional!

What is signal? Signal is a useful tool that lets you see the updates from with your network. You can filter your search to see what you want, even to the extent of seeing what your connections “connections” are typing. You can also filter down to the location, industry so you can go straight to what you want.

One of the best things about LinkedIn is the ability to connect with people, not just people who you know but people with similar interests. This is where “groups” come in, looking through the groups is a great opportunity to really get involved in like minded people.

You can join existing groups or even create a group to maximise your interest. You can see more about groups at their online learning centre
While, unlike Twitter, you might not find celebrities hanging out, you will find a wealth of relevant conversations within LinkedIn groups. Creating a group in a cinch and a great opportunity to jump-start a good business chat. If you don’t know what group to join, click on “Groups You May Like” to get you started. To learn more about the benefits of Groups and what LinkedIn has planned for this feature in the future, visit their online tutorial.

Your profile on LinkedIn isnt just a tool to gain new business and for potential employees to check you out but you can really use it as a tool for finding a new job.
The “resume Builder” can use the built in templates This imports all the information you use in your profile to create your document very much like the WeAreCv tool does without the level of detail or abilty to send and track your applications.

To add more connections to your list of contacts, have you thought about who in your mail or SKYPE address book might already be on LinkedIn?
Take the following steps
Click on “Contacts”
Click “Add Connections
The following will show a list of options the easiest is to simply copy & paste the email address in “Enter Email Addresses” box. Alternatively you can fill in your email address and password and let the LinkedIn system do the hard work.

You can also select Colleagies, Class mates or People you may know which will give you plenty to get along with.

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