JobHow Your Email Address is Stopping You Getting the Job

How Your Email Address is Stopping You Getting the Job

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How Your Email Address is Stopping You Getting the Job in the world we live in today you cannot go anywhere nor do anything without being judged. This applies to anything you do in life and can also apply to something as silly as your email address.

If you are still using that email address that you thought was cool back when you were younger it may be hindering you with your job applications. Some of the email addresses I have seen have been extremely comical and some have actually made me laugh out loud. Some are so good I would love to share them with you but unfortunately for confidentiality reasons I cannot. The question you need to ask yourself is do you really want a recruiter like me or a potential employer laughing or judging you when you are applying for what could potentially be your next job… Certainly not.

If you think you should change your email I would recommend creating a new email address using this example [First name] dot [last name] @ [Email Provider] dot com. Failing this add a random number or two to the end of your last name to make it work. This layout is plain and simple and will provoke little to no reaction which is exactly what you want when applying for a job… Let your C.V provoke your reaction, not your email address.


Also – word of advice try not to use a work email address – you just do not know who is watching…. joeblogs@ “insert food manufacturing name here” .com might be ideal as you see it most days BUT do you want your boss to find out you are looking for work?

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