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Being tested at interview can be one of the most stressful parts of the interview process. Here is our little guide to what to expect if you are asked to do one.

The testing process is testing your abilities and to ascertain what qualities you have and what you can bring to the role you are applying for. The test involves communication, innovation, creativity and problem solving.

During the interview process you may be asked to take part in a wide variety of selection process. Try to families yourself with the testing situation before hand to try to give yourself the best chance of passing the interview test.

We have listed examples below.

What is a numerical test?

Verbal reasoning and numerical testing are usually taken together. Numerical testing is designed to asses your understanding of numerical data and your ability to get logical outcome

Verbal tests are designed to measure your ability to read and understand written information.

What is an inductive reasoning test?

Inductive reasoning is used to measure the persons ability to work flexibly with unfamiliar information to find the end solution.

What are Personality questionnaires?

Personality questionnaires are used to establish the persons style of working. This is used to gather information on how you operate within a working environment. The information used will be assessed to establish how well you would fit into a certain team or company while also understanding your ability to be able to cope within a certain environment.

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