Increasing Profile Views in LinkedIn with Groups

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It is not very difficult to increase the number of people looking at your profile in LinkedIn. Profile views are an important figure within the sphere of social networking. Higher amounts of views can increase the potential business or employment opportunities, but also means that your visibility is increasing within your industry. The easiest way to increase your profile views will be to participate in discussions, becoming an active contributor to group discussions can be immensely beneficial in improving the profile views. People will see and begin to appreciate your input and opinions on situations meaning you begin to create your ‘network’. Selecting the Correct Group In order to start useful and successful discussions, you need to first be a member of groups. In order to be effective you need to join groups that are current and applicable to the area of work you are looking for. It’s no good just joining any group that has no relevance it has to be within the field of your profession. The most effective way, stupid as it sounds, is to use the search bar on LinkedIn to find groups that are relevant to you. You should enter keywords that are associated with your profession or interests which will show up groups that LinkedIn feels are most suitable for you. You can filter out the search to get more specific results. Either way, you need to ensure that the groups you join are active through checking recent activity or even the date of the last discussion. Understand the Group Before posting in the groups just spend some time reading through previous posts and discussions and get an understanding of the group. A key way of ensuring the highest value from these groups is checking that you don’t post anything that has already been posted, keep it as formal as possible and finally notice the types of posts that have gained the most responses. The process may take a bit of time. However, you can get invaluable opinions to your own comments and posts. Additionally, you may even come across useful information relating to your field which may be applicable in the job hunting or development process of your career. Joining Discussions In order to make successful discussions, you need to participate in one first. This helps you understand the proceedings before you can start a discussion of your own. There are a few things that you should keep in mind before you join a discussion. Avoid vague statements such as agreeing with somebody else. You should add new information to the discussion by drawing on your own knowledge, experiences and opinions. You can certainly disagree with other participants. However, you should express your disagreement in a polite manner, no one appreciates an aggressive participant. You can promote yourself, your product or even your company. Be that as it may, it should only be done when it feels right. Send them links only when they are searching for information, random comments are not appreciated. Starting a Discussion Once you have gained enough confidence, you can start posting your own topics for discussions. Open-end discussions can be useful when you are still starting out. Start off with links if you think they can be a good discussion starter.

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