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Importance of Planning in Recruitment

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Importance of Planning in Recruitment

In recruitment it is vitally important to plan everything you do. Otherwise you can get caught up in one thing but end up getting nowhere with it,  daily planning is important, you need to keep up to date with every job you have on. You also need to plan time to get in touch with clients and ensure the job is still live. It’s also a great way to see which of my clients needs help with any of their vacancies, as this helps grow and maintain strong relationships between us.

I personally plan what I’m going to do for the next day the night before, I do this so I don’t waste time in the morning as I feel I’m at my best in terms of energy and mindset. I plan hour by hour as it keeps me focused throughout the day and also keeps me fresh on what I’m looking for and what is needed of me.

My typical day consists of going through emails from overnight and speaking to the suitable candidates that have applied for roles and get a better idea of their situation. Then I go through are internal database setting up a shortlist to go through for a specific role. Our internal database has people mainly working in the food manufacturing industry under many different job roles ranging from; engineering, quality, production and many more. It’s also important to utilise the job boards, trying to find suitable candidates for roles I’m working on which will help the client I am dealing with. Using the job boards allows me to get a better understanding of who in the area is looking for work, and get to grips with salary variants in the area. Especially within our specialist market food manufacturing, changes can occur very quickly as it is such a fast moving environment, the companies we deal with want to improve and grow day by day. Having this conversation with candidates in food, beverage or FMCG markets gives me a better understanding of what a person is looking for and also allows me to access their CV, and be able to load them onto our database for ease of use for myself and colleagues.

Setting up a plan of what I’m going to do the next day is vital to how I want to progress throughout the week. Little adjustments like this can help anyone in recruitment and any other job for that matter. I do this because it helps me, and will in turn help anyone that tries it. Having that tenacity to go the distance the day before will get me results everyday down the line after that. This gives me the structure for my day that I need, so I don’t waste time as everyone knows time is money!

Candidates keep in contact with us not only on the phone (0844 8000 847) but social media too where Citizen is extremely active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Jake Duffield
Candidate Resourcer

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