How Twitter can help you get a job

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There is more to twitter than following what celebrity’s are doing, but can it really help get you a job? In a word. Yes!! Like everything the more time you put into something the more you will get out of it.
Over the next few days we will give you a a few simple tricks to guide you on the right path..
Follow companies and recruitment firms in your chosen sector. You may know of some firms that you would like to work for go on their website and you will probably find a “Follow us” tab. Same with recruiters but I can imagine with recruiters it will be more obvious. Also don’t forget to follow the regional Job boards who will have dedicated media savvy people working on getting the live jobs on the site.

If you are looking for a job locally or want to concentrate on a specific area. As Twitter is world wide most of the cities on twitter start with a hash tag “#”. For example our city is Manchester i.e. #Manchester. The people using this tag are more than likely to be from Manchester.
It’s great to follow celebs and football teams but it isn’t going to get you a job. Our previous post on twitter suggested following local companies. This is a great way to hear about who is recruiting and following people in certain areas will be great for word of mouth contact, which is how most of the major firms are employing at the moment.
Local lists are great because people on these lists will often post job roles in places they know those people live. You shouldn’t underestimate Twitter its a fantastic tool but it does take time and effort but you will be well rewarded for it.

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