How to Use Twitter as a Recruiting Tool?

How to Use Twitter as a Recruiting Tool?

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Twitter, the social networking and micro blogging giant, can be one of the most powerful tools for smaller companies and recruiters to expand their prospective list of job candidates. Here are a few steps on how you can use twitter to get the best recruitment policies.

How to Get Started on Twitter?

When you are looking to use twitter for recruitment of employees, you can either use the company’s twitter account or your own to start with. What needs to be clear though from the outset is the purpose of your account. The purpose of your account on twitter should primarily be to share available jobs and information of the companies that are hiring.

On twitter, being clear is the only thing that can get you through. Since you only have 140 characters or less to be able to get your message across, you need to be clear and refrain from beating around the bush for no apparent reason. When putting up job postings, the use of hash tags is recommended. The use of hash tags can narrow down the ambit of people who’ll take interest in your post to ones that you are specifically targeting.

Using Targeted Network Services

Sometimes you might seem to think that your posts might not be utilized to their fullest out in the open on twitter. In cases like these, when you are looking for a specific type of people to recruit, it is best to use recruitment applications and other such services on twitter that help you specify the type of people you are looking to recruit and the geographical area that they are based in and around.

Using such services would allow you to be very specific in your job postings and waste less time in trying to make sure that the potential candidates fulfill the characteristics outlined.

Recruitment Quality

Commonly, people believe that the candidates that are recruited through twitter are usually less qualified than those recruited using traditional methods. This view, however, is challenged by the supporters of twitter aided recruitment who believe that recruitment through this method outlines people who are vibrant, innovative, and creative. The other method might give better qualified people, but being an introvert can harm the company irrespective of the degree qualification on offer.

While twitter is not the only social networking site that can be used, it is one of the most inexpensive and easily accessible sites available. Add to that the ability to look up potential employees on twitter even before the interview, and you have a useful recruitment tool that you can use for free.


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