How to get the most out of LinkedIn

How to get the most out of LinkedIn

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After reading several articles and blogs about LinkedIn, I thought people would like to here about my findings as there are some things that must be highlighted to people when they are adding a profile.

I find Linked for more the white colour end personally but still think it is worth exploring every option.

LinkedIn isn’t Facebook or Twitter, it seems to be a there bigger brother (well the one that has a good job anyway) It’s a professionally site so it must be kept professional, keep all the daily rants and reviews for your friends on Facebook.
LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to help find a job from old colleagues and co-workers to their connections who you may not have met before. You can really build up a great network of people all in your industry or industries that you want to go into.

How can I use Linkedin to get a job? Well its simple, use baby steps. don’t just sign up and expect the offers to come flooding through your inbox. Your network takes the time to develop and form into something you can really use.
When starting output in your company information and dates from start to finish and don’t forget to go into detail with your job descriptions. Think of it as an extension section on your CV

In-fact use Linked in as if it’s your CV. Make sure you do not miss the chance to highlight your skills and achievements as when hiring managers or recruiters search through your profile they want to have a good read through like they would a CV.

LinkedIn has numerous Groups you can join. Use the search bar to search for your industry and add yourself to as many of those groups as possible as they also have jobs sections which will be useful. Also, recruiters can find you much easier. Don’t forget if you’re going to use LinkedIn you will need to have a presence to make sure people know you are there, write an article or two and make a few comments to questions and polls.

Should I add old colleagues to your network? Easy answer YES! They can also recommend you. So if you worked at a large food manufacturing company with lots of potential connections, get busy and invite as many to connect as possible. Then ask them to recommend you! get as many recommendations as possible.

It’s a fantastic tool to use once you get used to it. Just make sure you put in what you want to get out.

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