How to Climb the ladder Tips

How to Climb the ladder Tips

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1. What do you want? People have differing ideas of what they wish to achieve in their chosen career. Some don’t want all the responsibility – Some do.

· Set your Goals.

· Make a plan

· Set a timescale


2. Stay in touch with new ideas and activities within the business – Get involved. Make yourself known within the company. Ever heard that knowledge is power? It’s partly true, the more you know about a business the better placed you are.


3. Don’t be a pushover. If you don’t agree with what the boss says, then tell them your thoughts and feelings on it. Don’t be argumentative but make sure you express your feeling. Try to back this up with facts.


4. Your performance in the careers ladder is key, you have to prove to everyone that when a job becomes available you are the only choice. You cannot be unreliable and hold the key to promotion. Performance and results are a very big step forward.


5. Become a leading voice in your profession. Write blogs about what you do on a daily basis – give help and advice to others. If you are a recruiter in the food industry. Write about that – Blog as much as possible.

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