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How to Create a Perfect LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is a popular professional network that is used by many people to find jobs or to hire potential candidates for a position. That’s why your LinkedIn profile must be attractive and designed perfectly to draw people in. Below is a list of things you need to take care of while designing your LinkedIn profile. These tips will help you get maximum views and job opportunities.

Pour in the Creativity
Your LinkedIn profile is not your CV or resume (but very similar)So, make sure you do not make it look dull and visually unappealing to job hunters. LinkedIn gives you a chance to exhibit your creativity n the summary section and your Portfolio section. You can upload images, videos, presentations, and much more to your Portfolio to make it appealing. Plain text is too boring and mainstream. Stand out and upload your work on your profile, so that companies and recruiters can have a better look at you as an ideal candidate.

Make it Detailed
A LinkedIn profile is an upgraded version of a resume. You can play with so many things in it. That’s why make sure you add extra details in it. Mention volunteer experiences, courses, training, qualifications or any program you were a part of in the experience section. This will give job hunters a chance to know you in a better way.
Summary Matters
I’ve seen many people on LinkedIn with a one liner summary. A blank summary section looks very unattractive and I’m sure it’ll be a great turn-off for job hunters. The summary section should have information about you, your likes, interests, dislikes, etc. This will give job hunters a chance to know you as a person.

Make Connections
Another important thing in a LinkedIn profile is your connections. Connect with as many people as possible and do not let those requests wait. Your connections might help you get a job, that’s why never hesitate in connecting.

Join Groups
Joining groups on LinkedIn helps you stay connected to people of same interests. If a recruiter is looking at your profile, he/she would check the groups you are following to get to know about your interests. These groups are also a way to get help from experts on a certain topic. Join our Food Industry Recruitment and Citizen Recruitment Groups the “Food Industry Recruitment” or “Citizen Recruitment

Endorsements and Recommendations are Important
After connecting with people, do not forget to endorse their skills. Recommendations and endorsements help you in getting some back for yourself too. This gives a positive impact on your profile. If you are connected to your colleagues then ask them to write you recommendations.

Be vocal 
If people see you are commenting on people’s profiles and giving out valuable information you will get more connections and have a better linked in experience. The more you put into it the more you will get out.

Your LinkedIn profile should be well organised and easy to read though. Strategise what you write and let viewers know more about you in a simple way. Make use of bullet points and highlighted words if you want something to be noticed. A perfect LinkedIn Profile with these things in mind will help you get many job offers.

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