How to Attract Great Opportunities with Your LinkedIn Profile

How to Attract Great Opportunities with Your LinkedIn Profile

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I would like to give a little introduction to LinkedIn after quite a few candidates got in touch with me about writing the perfect LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site designed for job hunting, both for the firms and candidates. Think Facebook without the pictures of friends children and banter. It is a unique yet highly effective platform which allows you to set-up your professional profile and attracts big companies that are hunting for candidates or companies looking to provide a product or service. So, if I were looking for a position in a company, I’d definitely build up an attractive LinkedIn profile to get noticed.

Let me give you some tips that will make your profile worth looking at and you will have a high chance of getting approached by big companies.

Name – Keeping it Simple
The main part of your LinkedIn profile is your name. Your name is the first thing that job hunters will see. That’s why do not play with it. Keep it simple and official like ‘John Smith’. And not ‘John Smith – desperate for a new job’

Get Noticed with a Strategic Headline
A headline in LinkedIn is the part that appears just below your name. This headline is very important for you because it makes you appear on different search engines and makes your profile easily searchable.
If you are good at something, or you have received an award on anything, then don’t hesitate in mentioning it in your headline. Such a headline is strategically made to attract recruitment and hiring companies. Try to give out your best qualities in your headline so that people gain interest.

Picture Perfect
Do not put up a picture that is too casual. LinkedIn is a professional network, so you need to upload a picture that is preferably a headshot.

Customising Your URL
LinkedIn gives you an option to customize your URL and turn it into something that is easy to search. Make sure your URL has your full name in it. Again this helps search engines find you.

A Hit Summary
Summary is a part of your LinkedIn profile that allows you to give out interesting yet important details about yourself (think cover letter). You can add images of your work, presentations that you have made, and videos related to your work in the summary section to make yourself stand out amongst millions of other users. You get a set amount of letters to use – so use them!

Experience Section
Keep the experience section short and sweet. Mention about your work and your duties. You can give information about the firm you are currently working at, etc. Do not make it boring by pasting your resume in the experience section.

Matching Dates
When you enter your previous working experience ensure that the dates where you worked at a company Match your cv! Hiring mangers and recruiters like me WILL CHECK for discrepancies.

Connect with the Right People
It is important for every LinkedIn user to have good and influential connections. You can connect to people that are famous or have connections in a company where you’d like to work. This will help you get a job offer easily because you will appear in influential people’s profile. Your connections will help you get recommendations and they will also endorse you for your skills which will make your profile attractive to job hunters.

Make sure you ask for them for every position you have worked at. This is essentially getting reference checking done and dusted before the interview process even starts.. Try where possible to get your previous boss!

LinkedIn is a great tool to get close to job hunters and companies seeking candidates. Make sure you keep your profile up-to-date to attract the right people.

Tom Brunt

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