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How to approach a Business Development call

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Here at Citizen our market is Food manufacturing, with the targeted roles typically being roles within Engineering, Production, Quality and Technical areas of businesses. The food manufacturing clients we work with are no stranger to receiving ‘cold calls’ from agencies. In fact the amount of current/past clients that have told me they get inundated with calls from agencies is ridiculous, furthermore it is often the first thing they say to me upon calling them for the first time.
One thing I can recommend you do is to change your mentality. Don’t approach your first phone call to a company/contact you have never spoken to before with the mentality of ‘I have to get a job on from this company….’ don’t make it a ‘cold call’ as it will come across to the client that this is a do or die situation.
A first call should be approached with the mentality/intension of introducing yourself and the company you work for to the business/contact you are approaching. Build the relationship and introduce not only the great service you can provide but also your personality to them.  It is more than likely that they do not have any vacancies but even if you know they do, make sure you do this approach first.

I think you’ll agree that this approach leaves a much better impression than your typical cold call does. Should you know for a fact that they have vacancies then schedule to give them a call back a few days later and structure the call with the following ‘Hi My name is ____ from ____ we spoke the other day regarding the opportunity of working with you in the future. I believe you are after an ___ at the moment, that is something I could assist with, what is the most important thing you are looking for?’

Do you see how this approach turns your new business into a strength. Instead of it being a cold call, it is now a catch up call with someone who already knows of you and providing you send them some details over email following your last conversation, knows exactly what you are about. From this position you are in a much stronger position to talk to them in more detail about what they are after and of course continue sell to them your personality and service.

Approaching a Business development call can and in most cases will always be a tricky thing to do. Clients can be very picky and difficult and rightly so. It is important to remember that they will get countless calls saying the exact same thing every single day. The important thing to do is to make your call different, make it a breath of fresh air to them and you may be surprised with the reaction you get.

Adam Rutherford
Citizen Recruitment

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