How Many Pages Should Your CV have?

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This is a very popular question that we get at Citizen Recruitment.


2 A4 pages
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2 A4 pages
The below information has been gathered by both hiring managers and recruiter’s worldwide.

We often get asked how long should a CV be?
The answers were taken from all walks of the hiring community including Human Resources, Recruitment Consultants and Hiring Managers. A CV should be easy to read and not complicated with enough information in it for the reader to decided to bring the candidate in for an interview.
It all boils down to what has to go in it, when we asked a Human resources manager “How long should a CV be?” they replied 2 pages, maximum 3. This should be sufficient enough to put the point across that you can do the job on paper. 1 page is too short for a CV and 4 is much too many, you don’t want it looking too crammed and again you don’t want it looking like you may be too experienced for the role or alternatively not suitable as you have had too many jobs.

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