How do I negotiate money at Interview?

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Hi Citizen Recrutiemnt,

I have an upcoming interview and I never know where to start when it comes to money.

Hope you will be able to help.





Citizen Recruitment

You like them, they like you. Firstly if you were told what the salary band was don’t go over that. There is a good chance they could cast this against you. They would have no doubt asked you what you are on now and might even have asked what are you looking for?

Be honest and open with them, if you want a rise from what you are on now then tell them if asked. Don’t shy away and avoid the question this is a positive position to be in and is a key “selling point” from the hiring company.

However you can focus on the “it’s none of your business” approach and focus on the job you went in there for but this could back fire so be warned. Basically by telling the hiring company how much you earn you are showing them your cards and also showing your inability to be able to negotiate.

Try to focus on what you will make the company or how much you will save them. This will put you in a stronger position as quibbling over £1000 £5000 doesn’t seem as much.

If you can tell the subject matter is moving onto salaries try to steer the subject to a salary range rather than a set figure.

Good luck Julie!

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