How do I get more money where I work?

How do I get more money where I work?

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How do I get more money where I work?

Don’t think because you are asking the question that you are unappreciative or trying to cause an argument. You want to stay on good terms with your boss but maybe think you are worth more than what you already get.

How much are you worth? Do you know the answer? Are you in a sales job and much 3 times more for the business than you earned last year? When you sit down with you boss to talk about finance, make sure you are well armed and have done your homework. Think about

Industry – what’s the average pay for your grade?
Gather evidence of worth and present this to your boss to physically show them that you have
done your homework and that they can’t say no. Location what’s the average pay for where you work? What other benefits are on offer??

If you are working in the food manufacturing industry – ask your colleagues or friends who you work with. Especially ask people that work at other food manufacturing companies doing a similar role to you.

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