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I base my whole work ethic on providing a service for a client which is not only easy but rewarding for both parties. I find you the perfect candidate in return I receive the buzz of making a difference and fixing a problem for my client. Now this process can be painstakingly difficult, hours upon hours of researching, constantly cross referencing and cutting a shortlist into an even shorter list which I believe will fit the role they will ultimately be assigned to. This in some cases can be a long drawn out process but the rewards of placing in the end are even sweeter. My searches cover social networking sites, specialised job boards and even word of mouth. What I know is that there is a person for every role out there, and what it depends on is you as an individual on how hard you’re willing to work to find them.
Now once in a while a cat is thrown in amongst the pigeons, a candidate last week stated that he had vast knowledge of Variable Speed Drives in his personal statement no less, upon questioning the candidate did in fact have absolutely no experience on this equipment and stated he ‘knew of them’ instead. Vetting a candidate is extremely important, every qualification, what their current role entails, certain projects they may have been a part of, will help their application if it’s not prevalent on their CV.
We here at Citizen take a very personalised approach to every client and candidate we deal with. Assuring quality here is a must; we aim to develop our working relationships with everyone we deal with, which sets us apart from other agencies across the UK. Every job is a priority, everyone is important to us, we insure that quality is far greater than quantity and we insure that we are better than our competitors in our marketplace.

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