Hiring Employees for a Recruitment Firm - A Challenge

Hiring Employees for a Recruitment Firm – A Challenge



People assume that it is easy for a recruitment firm to hire personnel, as they are the ones who find candidates for other companies as well. However, this is not so. Although the process of finding candidates remains the same, it becomes more thorough and complex when the firm is trying to hire people for its own employment or training positions. The reason for this is that employees in a recruitment firm need to be able to guide and find candidates for other companies and thus, they need to have relevant expertise or at least the character to be able to adopt this mentality. Keeping in accordance with the requirements of the field, the selection and interview stages of the recruitment process are extremely detailed when the recruitment firm is hiring its own staff. In order to join our firm, the individual has to have the right attitude. An attitude that drives them towards success and achievement of their goals, and creates willingness in them to learn and excel at what they do. Thus, the three key factors that we value are the right driving attitude, the will to learn and the need to succeed.
Role of a Trainee Recruitment Consultant
The major part of a recruitment consultant’s role is to manage telephonic sales. A consultant is involved in building relationships with new clients and developing existing client relations to sell the firm’s recruitment services. The best recruitment consultants are resourceful, using various sources to find vacancies from our new and existing clients, and introducing them appropriately within suitable applications for successful placements in today’s competitive business market. A consultant‘s role is fast paced and keeps them busy within a dynamic environment, where they are expected to manage several tasks at once. Thus, it is a demanding role for which complete dedication and focus is essential.
What We Are Looking For?
Although our team consists of various professionals that are from a number of different backgrounds, we are mainly searching for talented people for our company.

We focus more on the determination and attitude of the people who apply for the position, rather than focusing on their experience, and this is why we have even hired individuals who have no sales experience.
However, some of the key factors that we consider within our trainee consultants include:

• A talented person who will be able to handle business-to-business sales
• Good rapport and good relationship building skills
• Ability to prioritize work according to importance
• Ability to handle work under pressure
• Possessing good negotiation skills
• Experienced with business to business dealings and negotiations
• Motivated, driven, enthusiastic and possessing a firm belief in the self
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