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Helping Clients Succeed

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Helping client Succeed

A word that is defined in the English dictionary as to give or provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need; contribute strength or means to; render assistance to; cooperate effectively with.

Now this is what Oxford has to say on the matter and help is an encompassing word that is often lost to many people in the workplace, and especially our industry. We as Recruiters are given a bad name due to a general stereotypical view on us but, in all honesty, we are here to help our clients, whether it’s to find them suitable Engineering, Quality or Technical candidates for their factory business,  discuss business  recruitment strategies, or just to discuss their general outlook on their employment policies, this is what we do. Whether it will help them going forward, or their understanding of competitors, it really depends on the person willing to listen.

Yes, we do cost money but in this world what service, item, package doesn’t… Is it worth spending that extra money for us to help you, which will, in turn help yourselves? What if, god forbid when the time arose, when you as an employer hired an amateur to do a professionals job and a fatality occurred. Is that the message you want to send across the manufacturing industry? Across our specialist sectors food and beverage manufacturing word does get around quickly. Whether it’s an abattoir or a bakery, opinions fly, it’s irresponsible but also unstoppable.

Especially in engineering, it could be catastrophic hiring the wrong person as manufacturing environments are highly automated areas and very dangerous places for anyone, and if the right precautions aren’t taken, it could be even worse. We live in a very small world, inventions such as the internet conspires against us in more ways than one, and with one click of a button your reputation can diminish under very little force. Is it really not worth taking the help of someone genuinely looking to bring in the right person for you?

Recruiters are here to help your company, not to hinder or annoy. We want to find you the best of the best, and develop a healthy working relationship with you as our clients. Our duty is to find the perfect skill set and character fit for the employer we are recruiting for. If we don’t, we fail you and ourselves. We want to help, so let Citizen Recruitment help you!


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