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Grief Factor

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I have heard a lot about how people think recruitment consultancy’s are unofficial and only strive to better their wallet size. That said we are a business and like any business we need to grow.

People do not seem to realise that the charges we make on companies also account for the grief factor that we have to take from not just the candidates and their management but also the clients. As we are the middleman between to great forces there is nothing worst that trying to sugar-coat that an interview needs to be rescheduled because someone at the company isn’t going to be there when they say they will.

Making that important call to a candidate “Hi, erm the client messed up and can you take another day off work to reschedule” will never go down well so we need to adopt certain tactics to ensure that interview change goes smoothly.

That said there are some fantastic Hiring Managers out there who I have become great friends with. Its also about being open and honest with people you are dealing with, once you can break down the professional patter and get on good terms with them then you will be not just a excellent resource for them but also a confidant who they will come to for advice.


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