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A huge change in the job market has made job hunting easier for job seekers. Many companies opt for social networking sites and online recruitment agencies to get them candidates for a required position. This is an effective way of getting hold of ideal candidates but an expensive one. Many firms are now designing their own website, where they can announce job opening to reach to potential job seekers. This makes it easier for job seekers as they need to log on to such websites to find suitable job openings.

Are You Missing Out On Great Opportunities in the food industry?

Even if you visit different food recruitment sites, there is still a high chance of great job vacancies being missed. Not every site has all the great offers, that’s why you need to take help from Google to find different sites by customising your search according to your preference. Most companies use Application Tracking System (ATS) to post jobs on different sites and you can find these sites through Google. Some of these major job tracking systems are given below.


Taleo is a widely used Oracle system for job hunters. That’s why every job seeker must visit its site learn about new job opportunities. For a relevant search, you need to:

1. Change the URL for a refined search – add ‘requisition’ or ‘careersection’ in the URL i.e.

2. Go to Google Search, write ‘ OR inurl:requisition) ‘Job Title’AND ‘Location’ ie ‘food maintenance engineer’ AND ‘manchester’

3. Go to Search Tools, choose ‘Any Time’, choose ‘Past Week’ and hit search. This will allow you to get the most recent job postings and vacancies according to your preference from various firms.

Aplitrak is another popular job hunting system that allows job seekers to be exposed to new opportunities. You can make use of this site by entering refined keywords that you think might help you get specific results. You can see different job vacancies following a similar step used for Taleo.

1. Go to Google.

2. In the search bar type: intitle: ‘Job Title’ AND ‘Location’ ie ‘quality manager beverage’ AND ‘Leeds’

3. You might also add: intitle: ‘IT engineer’ OR ‘Computer expert’ AND ‘New York’. 4. Set the time to ‘Past Week’ and Hit Enter
To get hold of great job opening and vacancies from big firms, one must have recruitment sites bookmarked in the browser. These sites should also be visited frequently, so that you have a high chance of selecting an ideal job for yourself.
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