4 Essential Areas to Optimise for a Better LinkedIn Profile

4 Essential Areas to Optimise for a Better LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is no doubt the most popular platform that connects professionals around the globe under one roof. With 259 million users and counting, this platform has made its place in the top social media networks’ league. Job seekers and recruiters are religiously making most of this awesome network to find jobs and recruit talent. But the sad part is, most people don’t use this platform to its full potential and get the expected results.
If that is the case with you, then go through these tips indicating the 4 essential areas to optimise in your LinkedIn profile to get better results

1. Put a Professional Profile Picture and Cover Photo

Be sure to use a professional profile picture, most preferably, in formal attire with white background. Also, it should be same as you look today, as a common mistake that people make is they put old profile picture with which they hardly resemble. Consider your profile picture a brand image of yourself and make a selling point out of it.

Put a cover photo that backs your field of expertise or your business. But for applying this feature to your profile, you have to be a premium member of the LinkedIn for a minimal fee per month. According to LinkedIn, profiles with professional image and cover photo receive 14x more views.
2. What’s Under Your Name Matters a Lot
The name and title in your profile are extremely important, as it reflects your personality and enlightens the reader regarding your area of expertise. The name you use should be same as it is on your identity card and as it is on other web platforms. This makes your profile professional and consistent. Don’t forget to use proper capitalisation. As for the title, a small description under your name, use short and precise keywords to explain what you do. The character length for this field is limited to 120 characters, so use it wisely.
3. Carefully Choose the Keywords

While editing your profile, it is advisable that you prefer a list of appropriate keywords for the LinkedIn search. These can be either words or phrases, which can potentially connect you with
prospective clients, as they can make your profile more searchable. For example my key words would be Food Industry Recruitment Manufacturing

. Provide Complete Contact Information
Below the header in the profile, there is a tab for editing contact information. Here you can put up all the contact information you want the potential connections to see. Make sure it is complete and contains your professional email address, office or mobile number, other social media accounts links (if any) and website link.

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