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Cover Letter Secrets To Get More Job Interviews

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The cover letter is a very important part of any job application. If the cover letter is not catchy and enjoyable to read, you will most likely not hear from the hiring manager, which can cause incredible frustration. You must be very tactical when playing with the cover letter as you are looking to increase your chance of getting called for an interview. Check out the top five secrets to a flawless cover letter below


1 – Find out the Problem

Most hiring managers within food and beverage manufacturing do not read cover letters because the large majority simply beg for the job instead of stating a reason as to why it is deserved. Managers do not exist to make your dreams a reality – they are simply looking for the perfect employee who can drive their business forward. So, while writing the cover letter, tell the Engineering Manager, Hr Manager or Technical manager that you have understood the problem and are ready to solve it using your skill-set.

2 – Work out the Problem

In the cover letter, you need to let the hiring manager understand that, though their problem is very painful, the solution that you offer is incredibly valuable. You need to specify that you can turn around the project immediately. Also make sure to provide some examples of your skill and be specific. During a conversation, we often read the speaker’s body language, but in the cover letter that is not possible. So, you need to read up on your interviewer’s slight signs and phrases and then mirror their speaking language in your cover letter.

3 – Propose the Solution

First, you need to think about what specifically makes you extremely unique and necessary to solving the problem. Based on the job requirement provided by the hiring manager, you need to propose a solution and let the manager know how you are going to solve their problem.

4 – Represent Your Strength

At any cost, show off that you are a team player or a people person. Also, describe your strength points like a statement such as “I am an expert communicator in creating a solid program within different departments” and then provide an example following that statement. Make sure that your cover letter represents an example of your strength point. For instance, if you are applying for the position of graphic designer then your cover letter should be a visual masterpiece.

5 – End With Confidence

At the end of the cover letter, give a full description of who you are and of your strength points. End the cover letter with confidence saying something like “I look forward to hearing from you soon” or “I would love to hear more about the job requirements and learn how I can fully complete them for you!”
If you are working hard, but not getting the expected job, it may be due to a bad cover letter. Now that you know the secrets to making an excellent cover letter, get started on making yours unforgettable!


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