Companies Now Hiring More Contract Workers than Ever Before!

Companies Now Hiring More Contract Workers than Ever Before!


From Engineers to Laboratory Technicians, Team Leaders to an army of operatives there is no saying who will be hired as a contingent worker without any long-term contracts to fall back on. But is it really such a bad thing to be a contract worker and work at your own terms? Many of today’s potential employees are self-employed, and devoted to a more freelance lifestyle. They rather enjoy being employed for only a period of time, working under contracts that specifically lay out their responsibilities and deadline.
The Rise of Part-Time and Contract Jobs

It was during the recession that we heard about contract staff who silently faded away as the economy got better. However, the number of contract jobs is steadily on the rise, without any signs of slowing down this time around.
We, at Citizen Recruitment, have witnessed a 37% increase in contract recruitment request only with the last 3 months. Food manufacturing companies are now turning to contract labour more than ever before. They are mostly looking for experienced engineering staff to cover for employees who are unavailable due to machinery installations, bad health, long-term sickness or the holidays.
The biggest question still remains: Does the current rise of contract labour means that employers have more confidence in the institution of temporary jobs or is it because they are only testing the waters with a contract person to see if they can afford them before getting them onboard permanently?
Only time will tell!
Employers in the Food and Beverage industry are more likely to hire contract workers at the start of the growth cycle, especially if they are worried about the ensuring continuous, long-term growth. At this stage, the smaller firms turn to outsourcing instead of investing in the search for contractor workers. On the other hand, contract workers are the first one to go when it’s time for a slowdown. This means that this upwards trend for contract employment could reverse itself very quickly if the economy begins to suffer in any way.
Better Economic Times Are Leading To Higher Contract Employment
We have seen more temp positions open up in the last 3 months than the 3 months before that. This steady rise in the number of contract employees being hired has lead us to believe that it’s the fortunate and profitable economic environment that’s compelling businesses to become more agile with their hiring practices.
Employers are now more dependent in temporary and contract workers.

Companies Now Hiring More Contract Workers than Ever Before!
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